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We are very excited to say we finally have the plan for our bricks. Two locations…and you get to choose.  The Legacy bricks are the pathway from the parking lot to Maraviov Hall and the new Seating area in the Livestock end of the grounds.  The funds from the purchase of  Legacy Bricks will be used to REPLACE the bathroom that sits on the corner of the large lawn at the edge of the livestock area! Legacy Bricks are $100 each. To get an order form email: ycfhfoundation@gmail.com or stop in at the Fairgrounds office.  As of May 4th 2017 the bricks in the sitting are are placed; thanks to dedicated volunteers and the Jack Mast family for their donation of the blank bricks.  We will add the names as they are sold. The awesome part about the bricks… it contributes in so many ways; pathway, legacy and rebuild of the “very old, outdated bathroom” !!!

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