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Our beginning: 

 In 2009 the State of California pulled all funding to the Fairgrounds throughout the state. The Yolo County CEO Rita Moore along with the support from her Fair Board and fellow “Fair Lovers” set about to find a way to survive without the state support. Thus with hard work of Angie Rodman and others the Yolo County Fair Heritage Foundation received it’s 501c3 status.

Our Purpose: 

Yolo County Fair Heritage Foundation is a Non-profit 501c3 Corporation

The specific and primary purpose and activities for which the Corporation is organized are the receiving of membership dues, grants and charitable donations to preserve and enrich the heritage of the Yolo County Fair and showcase agricultural industries to the community. The Corporation will offer support to the 4-H and FFA programs, create agricultural education opportunities, promote public awareness and support for ongoing projects sponsored by the Yolo County Fair in maintaining and improving the facility to further service the needs of the community.

In a nut shell… We are here to find ways to support the financial refurbishing, preservation of the Yolo County Fairgrounds. We will offer and develop services, events or programs that will support the 4H and FFA programs. We will find ways to help create opportunities to educate, promote the rich heritage of County fairs. We are not the Fairgrounds. YCFHF is made up of people who for their own reasons want to be sure the Yolo County Fairgrounds flourishes and continues to be available for our generations to come. We are a membership based foundation. 

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